Records from Other Sections of Philippine Archives Collection


The United States POW/MIA Accounting Agency had been scanning records as needed from other sections of the Philippine Collection. Their mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for missing US personnel to their families and their nation. When American personnel remain captive, missing, or otherwise unaccounted-for at the conclusion of hostilities, the Department of Defense accounting community becomes the responsible agent for determining the fate of the missing and where possible, recovering them alive or recovering and identifying the remains of the dead. If the missing personnel was last assigned to the Philippines, his name or where he may have last been may be found in the records of the Collection.

The Director of the Agency gave their personnel at the US National Archives authorization to share the records they have scanned with the Philippines through the Digitization Project of PVAO. The records they have scanned from various sections of the Collection provides other different viewpoints of the war.