RG 407 The Philippine Archives Collection

How to Search

  1. On the Welcome Page of the Philippine Archives Collection Website, scroll down to the Collections section. Click on the "View Details" of the Guerrilla.

    Figure 1: Welcome Page's Collection Section

  2. On the left menu of the Guerilla Page, click on the "Search Guerilla Recognition Files". The Guerilla List Page will show up. This page lists all guerilla records.

    Figure 2: Guerilla List Page

  3. Search for unit name (Hunter’s ROTC), a person’s last name (Lim), military district (10th MD) or location (Pangasinan or Cebu) in the Search Box located at the upper right of the page. Click "View" button of the desired file.

    Figure 3: Searching Guerilla

  4. The Guerilla Information shows the details about the selected Guerilla and the first 24 pages of the file. Click the "Download" button to view the whole file, or click the "Back" button if you want to return to Guerilla List Page

    Figure 4.1: Guerilla Information

    Figure 4.2: Guerilla PDF file

  5. Close the browser to close the Philippine Archives Collection website.