Guerrilla Unit Recognition Files, 1942-1948


The records of the Guerrilla Unit Recognition Files, 1942-1948 is part of the Guerrillas section of the Philippine Archives Collection. It is composed of 270 boxes and about 270,000 scanned records. This is a compilation of records submitted by guerrilla units to Recovered Personnel Division (RPD) to secure official recognition of wartime service and thereby claim compensation and benefits. Each file also includes RPD evaluations of the claimed participation in the resistance. In the records are data for a variety of resistance organizations, the bulk of which retained U.S. Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) or U.S. Army Forces in the Philippines (USAFIP) designations are semi-regular units (E.G., "H Company, 85th Infantry, Cebu Area Command. Also, however, there are files of independent or irregular guerrilla units such as "Hukbalahap" or "Huks". The files also report joint military operations by guerrilla unites and U.S. forces during the liberation of the Philippines, 1944 - Sept 1945. The unit histories in the files contain information that has never before been known.